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Over 6 years of experience in finding property.


Local Real Estate , Marketed Internationally

It was after having made several investments in real estate in France on behalf of their relatives that the Home France team decided to launch the real estate agency for companies and individuals outside Europe.

With this experience as close as possible to investors, Home France has developed a precise understanding of their needs: investing in French real estate with complete transparency, confidence and security, without having to travel to France.

In order to meet this growing need, Home France has developed a new, already proven concept allowing investors to visit a property and its ecosystem, then invest, all at a distance, by proxy and without physical presence.


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We are at your service since 2014 with robust infrastructure carrying the future

To best achieve this mission, Home France is committed to developing strong partnerships with real estate agencies and law immigration firms while continuing to expand its network of agencies abroad.

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Our Services

Home France supports companies and individuals located outside Europe in all stages of their real estate investment projects in France, by proxy and without a physical presence on their part.

 We rely on our network of expert agencies in several cities outside of Europe to inform (seminars) and work with our current and future investors

 We define with our clients a coherent and realistic investment objective following their budget from basic price apartments to luxury homes.

 We select and offer them real estate regularly, in the innovative form of virtual tours (films and photos of the property, the neighborhood, etc.)

 We support our clients in the realization of their investment, from administrative procedures to the act of purchase at the notary.


To continue and develop our services, Home France is continually seeking to develop partnerships with real estate agencies and immigration law firms in different countries around the world.

In particular, we solicit real estate agencies. Firms, etc who would like to collaborate with Home France by advertising our services to absorb local investors who are interested to invest in France.

For more information on this subject, do not hesitate to contact us.

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